We help you improve your health by providing the right treatments in excellent order.


Acupuncture, an ancient east-asian medical modality, offers a safe form of treatment that has proven effective for a wide range of conditions. Acupuncture restores proper nervous system function and is the keystone therapy for maintaining health in a stressful world.

Funtional Medicine

A process whereby your chemistry is improved over time. We provide labs and assessments that inform, educate, and empower clients to take control of their chemistry with accessible solutions for restoring and maintaining health.

Diagnostic Labs

Targeted labs to provide a comprehensive analysis of your body chemistry and identify nutrient and mineral deficiencies and food sensitivities. Educational reports are delivered with thorough consultation to explain the findings.


Gain access to the highest grade physician validated and science designed supplements lines through our online pharmacy that ships internationally.

Therapeutic Injection

The highest grade, therapeutic, homeopathic, and nutrient injections. To treat pain (Traumeel) and support energy (B12).

Habit Coaching

Stress, beliefs, reaction, and consumption are difficult to change. These habits are the source of the increasing sickness in our society. Our team encourages engagement with these habits and provides actionable solutions to move beyond them.

Treating symptoms is a vastly different approach than adjusting the cause.