Center for Functional Medicine and Acupuncture
Venice, Florida

We help you improve your health by providing the right
treatments in excellent order.

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in excellent order.

Today’s society is inundated with medical advice and products that prey on our desire for a quick fix. We are marketed to as broken individuals that are not in control of our health.The industrialized medical industry views patients as codes or  diagnoses. These diagnoses are treated in isolation with pharmaceuticals that mask issues rather than heal them.

We work with you to develop your understanding of how your body works as a system. By helping you properly support your chemistry and connectivity, you achieve greater and greater states of health.

We focus on balancing your chemistry & connectivity through Acupuncture and Functional Medicine.

Improving your health is essential for a fulfilling life. By receiving the right treatments in an excellent order, you can prevent and manage illnesses, optimize your well-being, and enhance your quality of life.

Our goal is for you to understand your body’s needs and to align to meet those needs. Health expresses when the body’s needs are met. With health, disease fades.


The substance that makes up your body. Refers to the ways in which your body interacts, combines, and changes, and uses these processes to generate health or disease. Includes the food, air, water, nutrients, and minerals you put in and on your body.


The state of the body’s interconnection of the brain, nervous system, and body. Refers to the ability for the body to communicate and connect through the nervous system with the brain. All pain and dysfunction is due to impeded connectivity.

Treating symptoms is vastly different approach than adjusting the cause. We offer an alternative approach to modern medicine.

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